Are you looking for someone to teach the basics of how to approach writing and editing a novel? 

I can lead your small community group in a half day annotated seminar or a 1-3 day workshop at your school, library, or conference.  

Your group will learn how to: 

  1. Outline their novel for success.
  2. Structure scenes and characters arcs for maximum reader engagement.
  3. Edit to avoid common mistakes first time writers make. 

Outlining Your Novel

You will learn how to explore and research techniques to generate setting, character and plot to build a successful outline structure for your book.

Novel Structure

Demystify how to write a successful hook, scene, and sequel for your novel within a balanced plot structure used by master writers.

Editing Your Novel

Learn do’s and don’ts to help improve language and sentence structure for your book so it is professional and up to industry standards.

Contact me to teach or speak to your small group. I would love to hear from you!