What is the goal of a manuscript appraisal?

The main goal of a manuscript appraisal is to give you global feedback so you can improve your manuscript from an industry professional. 

What areas will a manuscript appraisal address in my book?

A manuscript appraisal may be a good place to start the editing process if you think your writing could benefit from specific feedback in the following areas:

  1. Pacing and balance of text
  2. Plot and scene structure
  3. Character arcs and characterization
  4. Dialogue
  5. Settings and world building
  6. Over-all presentation
  7. Marketability of your book

Types of Appraisals

I offer two different types of manuscript appraisals: an overview appraisal and a detailed appraisal. Both will give you feedback on the topics listed above.

The key difference between the two types is a detailed appraisal will offer you very specific suggestions for each chapter of your book with page citations for you to reference and change in addition to general comments off the items list.

A manuscript overview memo will be roughly 6-10 pages of feedback, and a detailed appraisal is usually 20+ pages, depending on the length of your text.

Both appraisals will give you written structural suggestions to use as inspiration to make global changes to your manuscript. Final changes ultimately rest with you.

What a manuscript appraisal isn’t:

An appraisal isn’t going to address issues of spelling, grammar, punctuation or accuracy of facts. I can help address these for you through a copy edit. It also won’t smooth language or tone. Check out my stylistic editing page to explore if this approach might be right for your book.