You’ve worked hard to finish writing your manuscript, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. So much of yourself has been invested in writing your book, and you want to make sure it is in good hands.

I understand what you are looking for in an editor.

As a seasoned writing teacher and trained editor in the field of communications, I can help you copy edit and line edit your book to prepare it for self-publishing or traditional publishing in a supportive and skillful way.

My aim as an editor is to serve you and invest in your success as a writer.

I want to help you reach your target audience through our editing collaboration.

I can also help you edit your author related marketing content, such as blog posts, website content, and ads to build your professional brand.

You want to give your writing an edge and make your book stand out.

Now that your manuscript is ready for editing, it’s time to empower your book. We’ll work together to create and sustain your credibility as an author by producing error free content. I’m here to help give your writing a polished and professional edge publishers want and your audience expects. I’ll do this by:

Copy editing to check for grammar, spelling, and accuracy of your facts and Stylistic editing your text to help smooth your language and tone.

As a writer, you want to have your voice and intention honoured throughout the editing process.

You will play a key role in revising your manuscript. My suggestions are inspiration—you will retain complete control over all changes to your manuscript. You have the final say by either accepting or rejecting the edits I suggest in MS Word track changes.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each project varies depending on the type and extent of the edit needed.

You can get a quote by emailing me 3-5 pages from the middle of your book. I will use these pages to give you a projected cost of your project based on your editing needs.

Visit my Pricing page to get an idea of the average cost per type of edit and writing.

You can also get an idea of standard editorial rates on the Editors Canada website. I follow these guidelines for all edits, and you should too, to ensure you are getting quality editing services.