What is a stylistic edit?

The goal of a stylistic edit is to improve the language and flow of your writing while maintaining your original ideas and intention as much as possible.

A stylistic edit or line edit might be the right editing approach for your writing if you feel it needs help with:

  1. Clarity to improve paragraph construction and more effectively convey meaning. This includes word choice, and revision of sentences and paragraphs.
  2. Coherence and flow to enhance transitions between sentences and paragraphs to improve readability for your intended audience.
  3. Enhance Language with appropriate tone, mood, and formality level for your readers. This includes eliminating jargon or wordiness.

What is the process of a stylistic edit?

In a stylistic edit, I use MS track changes to edit and improve clarity, coherence, flow, and language of your text. Changes will be made and you will have the authority to either accept or reject them when they are returned to you.

You will receive a memo summarizing the overview of changes made and an explanation of the logic behind the edits.

Next, you will review changes, using the memo as your guide to either accept or reject the changes offered.

What a stylistic edit isn’t…

A stylistic edit does not offer a final proofread or pass before you publish your book, though I do my best to correct any errors of this nature I catch along the way.

It also will not address formatting errors before publication. If you are ready to publish you can find a good proofreader by searching the Editors Canada online directory.

This type of edit also will not check the accuracy of facts, but from time to time I will flag something I think you need to double check on. If you are looking for this service you can check out my copy editing page to learn more.

A stylistic edit won’t give you details about big picture structural changes needed to your manuscript. If this is what you feel your writing requires, a manuscript appraisal might be the right fit for you.